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Dear Governor DeSantis,
I support House Bill 919 because we must protect Florida’s access to clean, reliable and
affordable energy. Please sign this measure into law.
When local governments ban reliable forms of energy like natural gas, our residents and
businesses suffer from energy supply shortages, spiking energy costs, laid-off American
workers and a return to dependence on foreign energy.
Consider California, where more than a dozen local governments have banned natural
gas. Now, California is suffering the consequences of “poor planning.” Black outs and
skyrocketing prices have been nothing short of tragic for millions of Californians.
Let’s not make the same mistake here in Florida.
Please support HB 919 and sign the measure into law.
[Your Name]

Sample Letter

Radical activists are pushing local governments to ban natural gas here in Florida.

We can stop energy radicalism by asking Governor DeSantis to sign HB 919.

Natural gas is safe, affordable and reliable. Renewable natural gas turns waste into power. It’s a win-win.

Tell Governor Ron DeSantis to stand up against radical activists!

Natural Gas is Clean, Affordable and Reliable.

With natural gas, Floridians have access to low-cost and dependable energy.

Renewable Natural Gas Turns Waste into Power. It’s a Win-Win.

With new technologies, we can now produce natural gas from waste. It’s a win for our environment and a win for the rural communities. New operations will bring jobs and opportunity to Florida’s small towns and farms.